Saturday, December 16, 2017
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Proficio Secures $20 Million

Security startup Proficio acquired $20 million in financing, led by Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors.

Proficio is a managed security service provider of security monitoring and advanced data breach prevention services for mid- to large-sized enterprises. According to the company, it has developed proprietary security content and threat intelligence tools to identify and proactively defend against advanced attacks and insider threats.

Proficio plans to use this investment to launch new solutions to its roster of clients.


Software as a Service Company TempoQuest Brings In $2.5 Million

Software startup TempoQuest secured $2.5 million in seed financing. Three investors participated in the round, including S-Cubed Capital.

Established to meet the need for faster, more accurate weather forecasts, the company’s software solutions are designed to run on graphic processor unit accelerators instead of CPUs with the intent of increasing the speed and accuracy of analysis. Satellite sensors, drones, radar, etc., collect global weather data, which TempoQuest processes and provides to The Weather Company and AccuWeather.

According to President Gene Pache, this round of financing will be used to accelerate development of the company’s proprietary weather forecasting software solutions.

Symphony Ventures Names Vice President, Client Advocacy

Symphony Ventures, a global services firm specializing in robotic process automation (RPA) and intelligent automation (IA), announced that A.J. Hanna joined the team as vice president of client advocacy.

Hanna joins Symphony from Ascension Health, one of the earliest RPA pioneers in the U.S. As an early adopter of RPA and IA technologies, he will draw on his experience to help firms anticipate and navigate the organizational dynamics, stakeholder management, and communications needs inherent in meaningful digital transformation.

“I can’t think of anyone better for the role of VP of Client Advocacy than A.J.,” said Ian Barkin, co-founder and chief strategy officer, Symphony Ventures. “Having spearheaded the adoption of RPA in the U.S., no one is more associated with being a true advisor, guide and shepherd to his peers. He is a legend in our field. But more importantly, he’s been in the shoes of our clients. He understands the challenges they face, the questions they ask and the benefits they seek. He’s the perfect person to advise enterprise teams as they seek to harness the full potential of RPA and IA solutions. We’re psyched to have him join the Symphony family.”

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Mobile eSports Startup Brings In $25 Million

Skillz, a mobile eSports platform, completed $25 million in Series C financing, led by Telstra and Liberty Global, with participation from Bridge Bank, Accomplice, and Wildcat Capital Management.

According to the company, as the eSports provider for 3,000 game studios, Skillz accounted for 30 percent of all eSports prizes awarded in 2016, while broadcasting 40 million minutes of gameplay to spectators worldwide.


Heyou Media Secures New Funding

Media company Heyou Media raised a new round of financing from an undisclosed investor.

Founded in late 2016 by Tom Skerritt, Heyou Media, Inc., is an aggregator of new media visual entertainment content, including music, theatrical long-form, short-form video, web series, virtual reality and special interest videos. The company is focused on curating, creating and distributing web content from around the world.

In addition to the award-winning “Widow Walk,” Heyou Media is co-producing David Guterson’s “East of the Mountains,” Skerritt’s PTS-focused “What We Came to Be,” and will continue to produce the “Stroller Gangs” web series. This newest funding will be used to support productions, marketing, content acquisition, and distribution deals.


Virtual Incision Secures $18 Million

Robotics startup Virtual Incision completed $18 million in Series B financing, led by SinoPharm Capital and Bluestem Capital, with participation from PrairieGold Venture Partners.

Virtual Incision’s in vivo mini-robot surgery is used for minimally-invasive colon resection and other abdominal procedures. A mini-robot is inserted into the insufflated abdomen via a small umbilical incision, after which the robot arms are manipulated at the nearby surgeon console.

According to the company, this financing will be used to support the company’s 510(k) premarket notification submission to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.


Robotics Startup Closes $4.7 Million

Aeronyde, an autonomous aerial systems company, brought in $4.7 million in seed financing, led by JASTech.

Aeronyde builds unmanned traffic management systems for small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS). The company’s customized, long-range, fixed-wing platforms and heavy-lift sUAS are capable of carrying a variety of imaging and data collection solutions for various applications.

The company will apply the  investment to the development of hardware and systems software for autonomous fleet management.


FollowAnalytics Closes New Funding

Mobile startup FollowAnalytics completed a new round of financing from Orange Ventures.

FollowAnalytics’ mobile marketing automation and engagement platform combines analytics that connect across CRM systems with machine learning to analyze and predict customer behavior and identify the right mobile moments to monetize loyal customers and revitalize unresponsive customers.

VR & AR Startup Closes $30 Million

Dreamscape Immersive completed $30 million in Series B financing, led by AMC, with participation from Nickelodeon, Bold Capital Partners, 21st Century Fox, Warner Bros. Entertainment, Image Nation Abu Dhabi, Majid Al Futtaim Holdings, and VRSense Solutions.

Dreamscape Immersive uses VR technology to create “a new form of mainstream location-based entertainment.” Little is known about the startup apart from its impressive list of executives, which includes CEO Kevin Rice, who previously spent 15 years at Walt Disney Imagineering.

The company revealed that funding from each investor will be used to help Dreamscape Immersive scale operations, build content, and further its global expansion.


Martech Startup Throtle Secures New Funding

Throtle closed a new round of financing, led by TransUnion.

The company focuses on deterministic matching and identity resolution, empowering brands with individual-based marketing to reach customers online across display, email, social, addressable TV, and mobile devices. According to the company, its data-centric onboarding approach guarantees the highest level of accuracy, scale, and responsiveness for clients.

The new funding will be used to increase Throtle’s ability to resolve consumer touch points down to a single user, and provide valuable audience insights for analysis, optimization, and product development.


Semiconductors Startup Closes $15 Million

According to a recent SEC filing, MC10 raised $15 million in financing from an undisclosed investor.

MC10’s flagship product, BioStamp® Sensor, is a flexible, soft, and discreet body-worn sensor that conforms to the contours of the human body, allowing study subjects to move while remaining unaffected as it captures data.

Girboss Secures $3.1 Million

Girlboss Media acquired $3.1 million in seed financing, led by Lightspeed Venture Partners. Atom Factory, Slow Ventures, BAM Ventures, and Human Ventures Capital also participated in the funding.

Founded by serial entrepreneur and New York Times bestselling author Sophia Amoruso, Girlboss Media’s website features original work, money, wellness, and beauty content, interviews female entrepreneurs and leaders in their podcast series, and holds “rallies” across the nation to bring together a “community of like-minded female followers.”