Friday, April 3, 2020
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HomeyLabs Launches New Kids’ Saving and Banking App

Martech company Vivial announced their expansion into the mobile messaging

Vonage Launches SMS Automation Platform

Vonage , a leading provider of business cloud communications, has


MailChimp List Helper is an email newsletter productivity tool that helps users manage pending subscribers in Mailchimp. Users can easily see everyone who signed allows users to play gifs and videos while doing design work inside the Sketch app. Users download and install it in their

Magic AI announced that it is scheduling installations of StableGuard™, an artificially intelligent, 24/7 monitoring and alert system that uses computer vision and machine

Paladion, a world-leading managed detection and response service provider, announced that John Salmon joined the company as executive vice president of sales–Americas. Prior to

Stepes, a leading online translation company, announced the launch of Rush Translation Services, which aims to help global enterprises reduce time-to-market in international product

Groupize, a leader in simple meetings and events technology, announced Groupize Sports, their new sport division platform, will be showcased at TEAMS '17: Travel,

FormBackend is a web app for developers and designers that collects submissions for HTML forms, exports responses as comma-separated values, or integrates them with

Drift, a conversational marketing and sales platform, announced that Julie Hogan has joined the company as vice president of customer success and services. Hogan