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7-Eleven and Flirtey First Store-to-Customer Drone Delivery

Convenience store giant 7-Eleven announced Friday that it had successfully delivered two batches of merchandise to a customer’s home in Nevada via drone. The

BillHero payment bot app

The chatbot trend shows no sign of slowing down -- and now it’s moving into finance. Colorado-based BillHero announced today the release of its Facebook

2016 Native Advertising Summit in San Francisco

Native advertising, once an elusive marketing concept and now a quintessential tool for brands and publishers, has grown rapidly in the last three to

ON SALE: Shopping Promotion Newscaster

According to a new study, "Digital Coupon Redeemer: New Product Adoption,” shoppers who use digital coupons try out new products twice as often as

Pokémon GO developed by Unity Technologies

San Francisco-based game developer engine Unity Technologies announced this week that it has raised $181 million in Series C financing. The funding round was

Disney Character Buzz Lightyear

The Walt Disney Company announced yesterday that it has admitted nine startups to its 2016 Disney Accelerator Program. The companies range from robot manufacturers

Tesla Model S

After tumultuous news about Tesla Motors' fatal autopilot crash and its controversial decision to merge with Solar City, CEO Elon Musk sent out a

MobileBeat 2016 San Francisco

In the wake of Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple’s successive announcements of their chatbot integrations during the last year, everyone from mobile developers to

Crowd Invest Summit founders: Darren Marble, Alon Goren and Josef Holm

Crowd Invest Summit, a first-of-its-kind conference for the equity crowdfunding industry, is having its inaugural event December 7-8, 2016, at the Loews Santa Monica

Volunteer Match

With more than 100,000 participating nonprofit organizations and 13 million people looking for volunteering opportunities, VolunteerMatch is the largest online platform for connecting volunteers