Friday, August 12, 2022
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VideoAmp Appoints Tom Schmitt as CFO

VideoAmp Appoints Tom Schmitt as CFO

On the heels of raising $21.4 million in Series B funding, advertising technology startup VideoAmp today announced the appointment of Tom Schmitt as the company’s chief financial officer.

In his new role at VideoAmp, Schmitt will be responsible for leading financial and accounting functions across the company, as well as providing overall operational direction alongside VideoAmp’s cofounder and CEO, Ross McCray.

Prior to working at VideoAmp, Schmitt served as COO and CFO at FreeWheel.TV, where he oversaw the company’s growth. Schmitt contributed to FreeWheel’s 500 percent revenue growth between 2013 and 2017. He also played an integral role in finalizing the purchases of FreeWheel and StickyAds by Comcast and led the integrations. Prior to FreeWheel.TV, Schmitt was a VP of finance at Salesforce.

“Tom is coming in at the perfect time in our organization,” said Ross McCray, cofounder and CEO of VideoAmp. “He will be instrumental in ensuring we deploy our newfound capital against the most strategic and highest ROI sectors of the business.”