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Enterprise IT Startup Guru Closes $9.3 Million

Knowledge management platform Guru Closes $9.3 Million

Guru closed $9.3 million in Series A financing, led by Emergence Capital Partners. FirstMark Capital and MSD Capital also participated.

Guru is a knowledge management solution that provides customer service teams with up-to-date, trusted knowledge that is accessible in every application they use. Guru provides users with two options for publishing their help center knowledge. Publishing via Guru’s API allows users to power their own external sites. Alternatively, they can use Guru’s turn-key help center, which allows users to create branded external sites with a push of a button. With Guru, companies can maintain a single source of truth rather than multiple knowledge management systems.

According to the company, Guru plans to use the funding to build additional machine learning-based coaching capabilities for its customers and to fuel next-stage growth.