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Michael Tchong’s Latest Book “Ubertrends” to be Released Fall 2016

Ubertrends by Michael Tchong
Ubertrends | Credit: Michael Tchong

Eight Ubertrend Forces Transforming Society Today

This fall, renowned author, entrepreneur and speaker Michael Tchong will release his third book, “Ubertrends”, which is subtitled “How Trends and Innovation Are Shaping Our Future.”

Aimed at chief executives, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and virtually anyone interested in tracking emerging trends, “Ubertrends” succinctly identifies and analyzes some of the biggest changes cascading through society today.

Michael Tchong | Credit: Ubercool

Michael Tchong | Credit: Ubercool

These waves of change are responsible for a host of sub-trends, and Tchong’s clearly illustrated compendium will help readers by connecting dots and providing context for unfolding social and cultural shifts.

Just to take one example, Tchong points out that our frenetic lifestyles are the culmination of an Ubertrend that began back in Cambridge, Mass. in 1946. Tchong identifies the starting moment as the invention of the Polaroid camera and the microwave oven, both of which opened the door to instant consumer gratification.

Tchong calls this Ubertrend “Time Compression — The Acceleration of Life,” and explains that it is the quiet force behind the rise of Starbucks and FedEx. According to his analysis, this urge towards acceleration propels a host of other trends such as energy drinks and 30 min. power work-outs.  

Unlike incremental social or political trends, Ubertrends are broader shifts in demographics, populations and values that contribute to permanent behavioral changes across cultures.

Digital Trends | Credit: Ubertrends

Digital Trends | Credit: Ubertrends

The eight ubertrends described in Tchong’s book include:

  • Casual Living — The Evaporation of Decorum
  • Digital Lifestyle — Marriage of Man and Machine
  • Generation X-tasy — The Experience Economy (AKA “Been There, Done That”)
  • Fountain of Youth — Rejuvenating Body, Spirit and Environment
  • Time Compression — The Acceleration of Life
  • Unwired — Control Enthusiast Generation
  • Voyeurgasm — I Like to Watch
  • WAF — The Ascent of Woman