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Exclusive: Social Robotics Company Furhat Closes $2.5M

Stockholm, Sweden-based Furhat Robotics has raised $2.5 million in its first funding, a seed round from prominent European investors Balderton Capital and LocalGlobe. Furhat is

0, a voice-activated home automation system provider, today announced the launch of its new product Josh Micro. Josh Micro  is a new hardware product


In all the talk about new tech trends in Silicon Valley, there has been little to match the excitement over artificial intelligence (AI). Tech

Five Hot Atlanta Startups

Silicon Valley has long been hailed as the country’s largest and hottest startup hub, but other cities are quietly emerging as powerful regional centers

Site search ecommerce technology company GroupBy acquires product data company Edgecase

GroupBy, Inc., a Canadian ecommerce technology company focused on retail search, today announced that it has acquired Edgecase, an Austin, TX, based product data

Fintech Startup Raises $8 Million To Provide Credit for Underserved Americans

According to an SEC filing and confirmed today by CEO Marla Blow, fintech startup FS Card has raised $8 million from Tricadia Capital. The


The StrictlyVC Insider Series, founded by TechCrunch editor Connie Loizos, continues to be one of the better tech events in the Bay Area. The

Retail Sharing Space Bulletin Secures $2 Million

As retailers continue to build up their ecommerce efforts, they are also taking new forays into brick-and-mortar stores. Whether it’s opening pop-up stores to

StrictlyVC’s INSIDER Series: Silicon Valley’s Best-Kept Secret

The StrictlyVC Insider Series has quietly become one of the top tech events in the Bay Area. Event series producer and moderator Connie Loizos,

Total Retail Report Sheds Light on Retail Professional Compensation Across Age, Gender, Geography, and Education Level

The retail industry is one of the largest and most important drivers of the American economy. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, retail sales