Tuesday, October 17, 2017
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Truffle is an iPhone app that asks friends for their favorite restaurants. Acting as “a word of mouth Yelp,” its messaging platform saves restauraunt preferences into lists that are usable

Writing productivity tool slideship.com is a simple, fast, markdown-based slide creation tool. This cloud application allows users to create, edit, and post web presentation

Design and productivity product HustleCase is a laptop case with built-in whiteboard to help users share their ideas, sketch on-the-go, and communicate better. HustleCase

Juicebox is an analytics product solution that moves beyond reports and dashboards for organizations targeting broad, non-analytical audiences who benefit more from an interactive

SonicCloud completed $4 million in financing from two undisclosed investors. SonicCloud is an app that intends to reinvent phone calls. Regardless of whether walking down

ContentStudio is a web app-based marketing product that provides a data-driven content suite to grow social accounts. This complete social media marketing suite features

Lapa Studios’s Paperart & Paper Masks is a humorous design tool offering unique and affordable last-minute paper masks for Halloween, including flamingo masks, fox

CryptoAnalyst.co offers daily cryptocurrency news for better investment decisions. This news platform focuses on publishing accessible news daily on anything in the word of

Games product 500 Streamers offers a forever-changing list of the top 500 streamers on Twitch, the gaming community’s most popular live streaming platform. Twitch