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American Express (Amex) and 40 partner companies, including Amazon, Google,


The Paycheck Protection Program allegedly discriminated against woman- and minority-owned


Three weeks after the $2 trillion stimulus package was passed, millions of households and small businesses are still standing by for financial assistance.  Several technical

The Paycheck Protection Program is out of funds, at least for now, but there are companies stepping up to alleviate some of the economic

Congress may be ready to pass a bill that will provide extra funds to help small businesses during the coronavirus pandemic and could approve

If your small business hasn’t applied for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), you may be out of luck. The Small Business Administration announced Thursday

Many franchises were refused coronavirus stimulus funding because they didn’t meet relief package regulations.  The affected businesses are mainly structured as tiered franchises, according to

Women-owned businesses are particularly vulnerable during the coronavirus crisis because of their historical struggle with securing capital. Now that the Paycheck Protection Program has

The Paycheck Protection Program may be depleted, but some states are more flush with cash than others.  Nebraska businesses received $2.7 billion in loans, which

Many small brick-and-mortar restaurants are still waiting for cash from the Paycheck Protection Program while large restaurant chains are having a much easier time