Monday, October 2, 2023
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Massive Coronavirus Stimulus Plan Fails in Senate

The coronavirus stimulus bill stalled in the Senate on Sunday night when Republicans weren’t able to get Democrats to agree with the $1 trillion aid package. 

The Senate will reconvene for a vote after noon on Monday, according to NBC News. The bill requires 60 votes to move forward. 

Democrats were unhappy with the worker relief measures in the current proposal and claimed that corporate bailout money didn’t have enough restrictions. Democrats will produce their own legislation as soon as Monday.

Democrats claim the current bill allows corporations to keep bailout money with few limitations but still fire workers. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell accused the Democratic lawmakers of holding up Americans’ financial assistance. 

“So we’re fiddling here, fiddling with the emotions of the American people, fiddling with the markets, fiddling with our health care. The American people expect us to act tomorrow,” McConnell said.

President Trump said he hopes the two sides could find a quick resolution. 

“We’ll see what happens. I think we’ll get there,” President Trump said at the White House. “We have to help the worker. We have to save the companies.”