Saturday, July 4, 2020
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Consero Global, LLC, Secures $50 Million

Consero Global, LLC, Secures $50 Million

Finance as a Service (FaaS) provider Consero Global acquired $50 million in private equity funding from Boston-based BV Investment Partners in collaboration with Consero founders and management.

For more than a decade, Consero has combined innovative integrated software, including its recently announced SIMPL financial management console, with traditional CFO, controller and bookkeeping services. This platform approach is designed to quickly give companies financial clarity into how their businesses are performing as well as a scalable infrastructure to support daily business operations without the time, cost, and effort of creating and managing a full in-house finance and accounting department.

Allegedly one of the largest single funding events in history for a mid-market FaaS company, this collaboration is designed to support accelerated organic growth through expansion of Consero’s business development efforts and continued development of disruptive technologies.  It will also facilitate a focused acquisition strategy.