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CompanionLabs Raises $1.5M

CompanionLabs Raises $1.5M

CompanionLabs announced the appointment of Len Pagon, chairman and CEO of Next Sparc, LLC, to its board of directors. Next Sparc invests in emerging Internet-based, software and service-based companies and helps them achieve significant growth. CompanionLabs will join Next Sparc’s growing investment portfolio, which also includes Robots and Pencils, GenomOncology, Flexjet, ApplyBoard, and others.

Prior to Next Sparc, Pagon founded and led Brulant into one of the leading interactive firms in North America, which combined with Rosetta in 2008 creating the largest independent digital ad firm. In 2011, Publicis acquired Rosetta for $575 million.

CompanionLabs also announced the completion of its $1.5 million seed funding round, which it plans to invest in data science and engineering to help businesses advertise smarter on Facebook and Google. According to the company, a portion of the proceeds will also be used to further accelerate the double-digit month-over-month growth the company continues to experience since its 2017 launch.