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Unbound Aims to Be the Net-a-Porter of Sex Toys

Unbound sex toys retailer

Unbound is a sexual lifestyle company aimed at redefining the retail experience online for sex toys. Unlike other sex toy retailers, Unbound says that it vets every single product sold on their site to make sure it meets quality standards, has a full online magazine of educational content, and focuses heavily on design and aesthetics.

The company was founded by Polly Rodriguez, who formerly worked at consultancy company Deloitte and dating app Grouper. After suffering from cancer and radiation-caused menopause at 21, Rodriguez realized that the way people buy sex toys was antiquated and set out on a mission to change the society’s conception of this industry — purchasing sex toys should be just like buying any other types of consumer products.

The company told that it has recently raised 2.7 million from investors, a rare case for a companies in this specific category.