Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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Semiconductors Startup Secures $3.3 Million

Semiconductors Startup Secures $3.3 Million
Credit: aeponyx.com

AEPONYX, a fabless micro optical switch semiconductor chips designer and manufacturer, completed $3.3 million in financing, led by Ecofuel Fund and Silicon Catalyst.

Aeponyx’s patented and patent pending technologies, which combine planar micro-electro-mechanical-systems and silicon photonics, can be used in disaggregated switching systems, enabling tunability in both transmission and reception in pluggable transceivers. This creates opportunities for optical circuit switching and tunable transceivers that, according to the company, increases the capacity on both ends of the optical fiber while lowering power consumption.

This funding will be used to complete the development and industrialization of AEPONYX’s planar micro optical switch chips.