Tuesday, January 28, 2020
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Bitcoin Trading Startup Secures $3 Million

Bitcoin Trading Startup Secures $3 Million
Credit: radarrelay.com

Radar Relay, a cryptocurrency exchange technology provider, secured $3 million in seed financing. Nine investors participated in the round: SV Angel, Digital Currency Group, Collaborative Fund, Kindred, Notation Capital, Sparkland Ventures, V1.VC, Kokopelli Capital, and Reciprocal Ventures.

Radar Relay’s trustless token trading platform uses blockchain technology that allows people to trade ERC20 tokens directly from their Web3 or Hardware wallet. The company says that because Radar Relay is peer-to-peer, investors will never lose custody of their funds. Radar’s order book is open and interoperable, and users can integrate their dApp, relayer, order book, or trade bot to share in networked liquidity in its modular trade network.

Radar Relay is currently in beta and is expected to officially launch in 2018.