Wednesday, May 18, 2022
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ProctorFree Raises $2 Million

Online proctoring service ProctorFree Raises $2 Million

According to a recent SEC filing, edtech startup ProctorFree has raised $2 million in financing from an undisclosed investor.

ProctorFree is an on-demand automated online proctoring service that deters cheating in online testing environments. Using biometric and machine learning technologies, ProctorFree turns the computer into the proctor. With a standard computer webcam and microphone, ProctorFree’s software tracks specific anomalies that are indicators of cheating behavior. Once testing is complete, a TrustScore is reported to faculty members within minutes, detailing what anomalies, if any, occurred during testing. The faculty member can log into ProctorFree’s system and determine if cheating occurred by reviewing a detailed report with a video recording of the test session.