Tuesday, July 14, 2020
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Enterprise It Startup Sixgill Raises $27.9 Million

Sensor data technology company Sixgill Raises $27.9 Million
Credit: sixgill.com

Sixgill completed $27.9 million in Series B financing from DRW Venture Capital.

Sixgill enables the governance of all IoE-connected assets—people, places and things—with a single universal sensor data platform for easier, faster and more flexible application development.  With a unique combination of technology and services, Sixgill provides customers with continuous sensor data collection, real-time understanding of assets — where they are, and their operating states — all while keeping assets, behaviors and actions on track.

The Sixgill Sense IoE platform offers developers the ability to acquire, analyze and act on any sensor-generated data, at any velocity or scale. It can acquire sensor data from any emitter or gateway, and distill actionable intelligence for quick, programmatic response.

In its announcement, the company said the new funds will fuel launch of its platform.