Friday, April 12, 2024
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Wickr Raises $8.8 Million

Secure messaging platform Wickr Raises $8.8 Million

Mobile startup Wickr just closed $8.8 million in financing from an undisclosed investor.

Wickr is a free messaging app that allows its users to send and receive top-secret messages, pictures, videos, audios, and files. It provides a free and easy way for anyone to send encrypted messages without a trace. Both sender and receiver must have the app to communicate. Only the receiver is able to decrypt the message once it is sent, and Wickr does not have decryption keys.

Wickr has had hundreds of thousands of downloads in more than 113 countries. According to the company, its clients include celebrities, royalty, reporters, feds, lawyers, doctors, investors, and teens. Its patent-pending technology brings sophisticated security and privacy to everybody. Wickr’s protocol for ephemeral messaging and media uses standard encryption algorithms implemented for mobile devices, and the protocol can be integrated into other communications platforms, creating a unified mobile messaging platform that is private, encrypted, and anonymous.