Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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Work Truck Solutions Raises $5 Million

Truck manufacturing company Work Truck Solutions Raises $5 Million

Transportation startup Work Truck Solutions completed $5 million in Series B financing. Four investors contributed to the round: Autotech Ventures, Investor, Moneta Ventures, and Golden Seeds.

Work Truck Solution, Inc., provides outsourced business processes using cloud-based technology that connect truck chassis manufacturers with specialized work truck body manufacturers. The company enables distributors at various levels to locate, acquire, account for, and deliver the right truck to the right buyer. It serves truck manufacturers, distributors, and and buyers.

According to Kathryn Schifferle, Work Truck Solutions founder and CEO, the company will use the new funding to accelerate expansion of the marketing and commercial inventory management services that it provides to commercial truck dealers. In addition, the company will continue to develop services for body manufacturers and distributors that serve the industry.