Monday, October 2, 2023
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Mobile Startup Celtra Secures $15 Million

Martech startup Celtra Secures $15 Million

Celtra announced it has secured $15 million in financing. Three investors participated in the round, among them Unilever and WPP Ventures.

Celtra empowers agencies, media suppliers and brand leaders with creative technology for data-driven brand display advertising across all screens, including mobile, tablets, and desktop. Built to run large-scale and complex campaigns, the company’s product, AdCreator 4, is a single, self-service platform for streamlined data-driven ad creation, performance optimized serving, and consolidated reporting, providing common metrics across all screens.

In its announcement, the company said Unilever and WPP are partnering to use Celtra’s market-leading creative technology across Unilever’s global marketing organization and WPP’s ecosystem of service providers, technology vendors, and media suppliers.