Monday, November 28, 2022
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Inprentus Raises $2 Million

Nano technology startup Inprentus Raises $2 Million

Nanotechnology startup Inprentus announced it has raised $2 million in Series A financing. Three investors participated in the round, among them Flyover Capital and Serra Ventures.

Inprentus was founded in June, 2013, to commercialize an innovative, dual-atomic microscope scribing technology, a technique for carrying out nano-scale lithography via plastic deformation of metallic surfaces. The technology is a general purpose approach to high-precision patterning of surfaces, and it is particularly suited to diffractive optics in which features must be shaped with 0.1-degree angular precision and positioned within nanometers over distances of tens of centimeters. Inprentus’ current focus is on fabricating soft X-ray diffraction gratings for synchrotron and free electron laser facilities.

According to the company, the new investment will improve the pace of its manufacturing capacity build-up and advance its research and development efforts to meet growing customer demand.