Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Everfest Raises $3.6 Million

Event discovery and calendar platform Everfest Raises $3.6 Million

Everfest, an online search engine and calendar for festivals around the world, announced funding of $3.6 million in a round co-led by Live Nation Entertainment and ATX Seed Ventures. Benchmark Capital’s Bob Kagle also participated in the round.

Everfest aims to be the world’s festival authority. The company launched to harness global festival growth, fueled by the increasing consumer appetite for experiences rather than things. Everfest has millions of monthly active users who can join the first “global celebration society”, called FestClub, in 2017. As the company likes to say, “First rule of FestClub: Tell everyone about FestClub.”

The fresh capital will be used to expand marketing initiatives, add a larger selection of international festivals (which are currently about 10 percent of the database), and grow the team of 25. Everfest is also planning to develop a mobile app that would allow premium members to manage and redeem perks.