Saturday, July 4, 2020
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Electronics Startup Lynq Raises $1.9 Million

Location identification gadget Lynq Raises $1.9 Million

Lynq announced the completion of $1.9 million in seed financing. Four investors participated in the funding, among them Plus Eight Equity Fund, ARC Angel Fund, and Angel Investor Forum.

Lynq provides decentralized peer-to-peer location identification, independent of phones, networks or maps. Guided by an arrow and distance, the company’s single-button interface allows users to locate anyone up to five miles away, anywhere under open sky. Lynq was endorsed by the U.S. Central Command to participate in the Crimson Viper Field Experiments program with U.S. Pacific Command and the Thai Ministry of Defense this summer.

In its announcement, the company said a B2B2C rental rollout will be followed by direct-to-consumer sales toward families and outdoor enthusiasts as well as government use.