Saturday, September 30, 2023
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Chatsuite Launches First Chatbot Platform for Agencies

Chatsuite Launches First Chatbot Platform for Agencies
Chatsuite Dashboard | Credit: Chatsuite

Chatsuite, a London-based chatbot marketing platform, announced today that it has launched a conversational bot management solution specifically tailored for marketing and advertising agencies.

The platform allows agencies to offer a comprehensive suite of chatbot services that spans multiple communications channels and the full communications lifecycle. It facilitates services from planning and development to launching and optimization, allowing chat bots on different messaging platforms to play an integral role in every part of an agency’s client’s digital communications strategy.

A wide range of brands and companies, from Pizza Hut to Whole Foods, have been tapping into conversational bots to engage their customers directly. But managing chatbot operations has been fragmented and difficult, since communications take place on multiple messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Slack, and Kik. Chatsuite aims to solve that problem by allowing

Asaf Amir CEO of Chatsuite

Asaf Amir, CEO of Chatsuite

agencies effectively to scale marketing content and promotional messages across multiple chatbot-enabled platforms, without having to jump from one to another.

Chatsuite also offers measurement and analytics for agencies to evaluate their chatbot marketing campaigns by looking at both the interaction patterns and overall engagement level of individual bots.

“As the demand for agencies to continuously expand the offerings they provide their clients [increases], the ability to offer unmatched chatbot development services is going to become increasingly important,” said Asaf Amir, Founder and CEO of Chatsuite. “While chatbot usage has exploded over the last year, agencies have not had a one-stop tool to deliver chatbot capabilities to their clients — today, we are changing that.”