Thursday, October 19, 2017
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AskDonna is a virtual assistant that anonymously provides personal and emotional advice.

Social media’s prevalence has lead to the build up of social “echo chambers” around different communities where outside opinions are no longer tolerated. Sometimes, just getting a new idea outside


Stockpile is a software product that allows people to start investing with just five dollars, making it possible for anyone to own stock in

Music product allows uses to get more from their Spotify track, such as lyrics, annotations, music videos, and artist bios. The app uses

Restaurant booking startup Allset announced the close of $5 million in Series A financing led by Greycroft Partners. Andreessen Horowitz, Vaizra Investments, Compound Ventures, allows businesses to let their customers build their own payment plans. Customers can reduce or increase their payment frequency, as well have the

How To Launch is a new book offering a startup launch playbook and cost calculator. It is created by the founders behind The Upstarters,

Dropbox Showcase is the latest product by Dropbox, one of the most popular service providers for cloud storage and file synchronization. Dropbox Showcase allows

Torre Bio claims to reinvent resumes by creating a graph database portrait of a user’s experiences, strengths, and interests. Believing that traditional document-based resumes

Databoard is a task management and analytics info-screen that will not only present key performance indicators (KPIs) and data relevant to different departments of

Web app analytics product makes every team member a “data beast.” Users can share live data feeds for always up-to-date results in tools