Vistaprint, Facebook, Verizon, More Offer COVID-19 Grants To Small Businesses

The Paycheck Protection Program is out of funds, at least for now, but there are companies stepping up to alleviate some of the economic pain felt by small business owners. Here are a few more companies offering grants to entrepreneurs as listed by Forbes

The Save Small Business Fund – grants from Vistaprint and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for businesses that have three to 20 employees and are located in an economically vulnerable community. 

COVID-19 Business for All Community Grant – Hello Alice is offering immediate $10,000 grants to small businesses.

Facebook Small Business Grants Program – $40 million in grants is for 10,000 U.S.-based small businesses. 

Salesforce Care Small Business Grants – $10,000 grants to small businesses impacted by COVID-19.

Assisther Emergency Relief Grant – offering $10,000 grants to women-run businesses in Texas.

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