American Express Launches ‘Stand for Small’ Coalition to Support Small Businesses

American Express (Amex) and 40 partner companies, including Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Verizon and IBM, launched the “Stand for Small” coalition on Tuesday to help small business employers navigate their options during the pandemic. 

The coalition’s website offers links to several resources for employers from both Amex and partner organizations. The site also offers tools to first time Amex customers, and extends other offers to all small business owners during the pandemic, whether they have an Amex card or not.

The Amex resources include how to make expenses more manageable, how to get shipping “back on track,” and how to improve online presence. Partners like Adobe are offering users 90-days free of Adobe Sign and two-months free on Adobe Shark, while Dell is offering discounts on PCs, servers and accessories. 

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