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Tribe + Glory Launches Jewelry Line For Female Empowerment

Tribe + Glory Lanches to Continue Female Empowerment

Tribe + Glory, a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to women living below the poverty line in rural areas of Uganda, today announced the launch of an Ankole Cattle Horn jewelry line. The line aims to provide Tribe + Glory’s constituents with employment opportunities from which they can earn income and save capital for future businesses.

The cattle horns used in the jewelry line come from Ankole cows, which are native to east Africa and integral to Ugandan history. Horns from the cattle, which Ugandans traditionally used as a source of both milk and meat, were historically discarded or burned. Each horn used in Tribe + Glory’s production is ethically sourced as a food industry by-product. 

The newly launched handcrafted jewelry line includes a bangle set, earrings, accent cuffs, and cocktail tumblers. Every purchase from the collection goes into salaries and training for Uganda women, allowing these local entrepreneurs to realize their goals of  building new ventures, including owning clothing boutiques, hair salons, hotels, and other businesses.

Caragh Bennet

Tribe + Glory was founded in 2014 by Loren Thomas and Caragh Bennet in the village of Zirobwe, Uganda. After meeting women in rural Uganda with entrepreneurial ambitions who were in need of funding and business training, the duo worked toward creating a platform that provides those resources. At Tribe + Glory, these women entrepreneurs are taught business analysis, financial planning and managerial skills, equipping them to be effective leaders of their own businesses.

The founders of Tribe + Glory are hosting a launch party tonight from 6:30 to 9:30 pm at 41 Ocean Club, located at 1541 Ocean Ave in Santa Monica. Check them out.